BOMCA project contributed to ensuring legal safeguards and human rights protection in the law enforcement systems of Central Asian countries

BOMCA experts in July 2023 completed a series of national workshops in Central Asian countries on human rights and gender sensitivity.  Lawyers and experts from the State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Red Cross not only familiarized border guards and law enforcement officers with human rights, gender issues, indicators of sexual harassment and gender sensitivity, as well as with the linkages of these issues with the context of law enforcement and border agencies and the role of non-governmental organizations in providing assistance in cases of human rights violations and gender-based violence but also developed a booklet on human right standards and vulnerable persons.

Although this publication is intended for border guards and law enforcement officials in Central Asia, it might be of interest to a wider audience as a source of well-structured and specific information on the protection of human rights. This booklet can be found at

Last updated: 18-09-2023