The SBGS officer’s education as well as the disciplined, sustained qualification development is the basis for officers career making.

Rules for Qualification Development of Officers of Internal Service System approved by the Minister of the Interior states that officers’ qualification shall be constantly and methodically developed (enhanced). The officer shall develop his qualification at work time for no less than 8 academic hours during one year of his active service. 

By the annual order on professional training, the Commander of the SBGS sets the goals of statutory officers professional training, their qualification development, approves the curriculum on the basis of which the qualification development courses are being performed. These courses are conducted at the Visaginas Border Guard School, other local educational institutions, also at work sites. The officers have an opportunity to perform their traineeship at overseas high schools.

Special qualification development courses for officers of the SBGS are arranged according to the needs of the Frontier Districts and Frontier Stations of the SBGS under the approved schedule. Officers responsible for professional training at work site are involved in the annual workshops; instructors (according to the different spheres of activity) are trained in order to transfer their structural skills and experience acquired during these courses to the colleagues at the work site.

The instruction of professional training of the SBGS officers at their work sites ensures the organisation of qualification development and necessary training hours for officers at their work sites (the duration of professional training at works sites for officers of the SBGS and the Frontier Districts’ Headquarters must be no less than 40 hours a year (4 hours each per month), of the Frontier Stations – no less than 70 hours a year, of the Special Task Force – no less than 140 hours a year).

Trainings at work sites (Headquarters, Frontier Stations) are conducted regularly under the schedule composed by the unit head. 

Moreover, the officers are directly instructed at the Frontier Station or BCP before they perform the border surveillance or border checks. During the instruction, the officers are introduced to legal information update and other relevant information.

Last updated: 08-11-2023